Reading glasses with Blue Light Filter | Red stripes

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For reading comfort on digital devices such as smartphones and PCs, neutral or with presbyopia gradation, free case

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  • BLUE RAYS - Blue rays, not visible to the naked eye, are very powerful and harmful to our eyes. They are normally emitted by the screens of tablets, PCs, televisions and smartphones that are now part of our daily lives. It is therefore advisable to protect ourselves from these rays, which can lead to discomfort and insomnia or even damage our eyesight;
  • WHAT IT IS FOR - Our Eco Blue resting glasses with anti-blue light filter will help you protect yourself from these rays. Eco Blue lenses are specially designed to shield the rays of electronic devices and prevent dry eyes;
  • COMFORT - Eco Blue glasses will offer you all-round comfort! In addition to the benefits of using these special mirrored glasses, you don't have to worry about the hassle of heavy, bulky frames. Our frames are lightweight and durable, making them very practical for office work;
  • THE PRODUCT - Our frames are available in various colours and shapes so you can find the one that suits you best! With the purchase of the glasses you will receive the practical Eco Blue case for free, at an advantageous price compared to classic glasses with a blue light filter;
  • DIOPTERS - Finally, Eco Blue glasses are also available with a graduated presbyopia lens! OPTX Europe is at your service for questions about the item and more information.




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