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Presbyopia Removable Adhesive Reading Lenses for Prescription and Sport Glasses

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Lenti per presbiopia adesive, graduate, removibili e riutilizzabili.
Immaginate di poter indossare i vostri occhiali da sole preferiti ed essere ancora in grado di leggere tutto ciò che desiderate. Immaginate di indossare dei classici occhiali da pesca e riuscire contemporaneamente a vedere ogni piccolo dettaglio. Le lenti adesive graduate Hydrotac saranno il vostro segreto, perché sono praticamente invisibili dall'esterno. Una volta posizionate negli occhiali, non ci sono linee esteriormente visibili.




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Do you have near-sight problems? Have you become farsighted? Don't worry. Now you don't have to carry two pairs of glasses and give up your favourite sport! Try Hydrotac!

Hydrotac OPTX Europe's innovative prescription lenses for presbyopia will allow you to transform any pair of spectacles from mono to bifocal, without the huge optical expense. 

A single drop of plain water is all that is needed to attach them to the lens of your spectacles and they can be removed whenever you like. They leave no trace on the glasses and are reusable. The lenses are soft, of high optical quality, and adhere to the spectacle lens by molecular adhesion.

Hydrotac lenses are ideal for sport fishing, cycling and all activities where you need to be able to see both near and far.

You can fit them to any type of goggles and glasses. Scuba diving, fishing, cycling and all outdoor activities will no longer be a problem for you!

No matter which spectacles you fit our lenses to, their function remains unchanged.

The actual width of the lens is 30 mm long by 20 mm high. If they are too big for the glasses you want to attach them to, don't worry, you can cut them to size with a pair of scissors! 

Once attached, they won't come off on their own, even in contact with water. Also, if you break your glasses or want to apply them to another pair, you can remove them and reuse them.

Wash the lenses of your diving mask and/or goggles with warm soapy water, taking care to leave the surfaces slightly damp. Then apply the lenses by placing them close to the nose, in the lower part of the mask and/or goggles, and pressing them down with a dry cloth, so that the excess water and air can escape. For more info and fitting videos send us a message and get exclusive OPTX Europe content!

With the purchase of Hydrotac lenses you will receive a practical OPTX Europe container and eyeglass cleaning bag free of charge. If you contact us by text message, we will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have and provide you with fitting instructions in the language of your choice.