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What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a visual defect that prevents proper focus on objects that are close.
We must point out that it is not a disease, but the natural evolution of the eye over the years.
The visual organ that allows focusing is a natural lens called crystalline, that starting from age 40 begins to lose its elasticity. The most common symptom of presbyopia is feeling the need to move a newspaper farther away while reading, because it becomes hard to distinguish the letters.


Solutions for presbyopia

Presbyopia can’t be prevented, but it can be countered with various solutions:
Eyeglasses: the glasses are the oldest and most common solution, but they have various defects. They have costs that become higher over a lifetime, they are uncomfortable, easy to lose and break. For many people who care about how they look, wearing reading glasses is a sign of aging. Contact lenses: contact lenses can cause infections and other problems, and are also used more for nearsightedness.
Surgical and laser techniques: there are surgical techniques that replace the lens with an artificial lens or laser techniques to physically correct the crystalline lens, but they are all operations still under study and thus not very safe.

Why choose Hydrotac stick-on lenses

The stick-on Hydrotac additional lenses are the best solution for seeing close-up: They are inexpensive, easy to pply and can be used several times
It means you don’t have to take several pairs of glasses with you, avoiding changing them continuously. They are invisible from the outside of the eyeglasses, therefore there is no aesthetic problem.