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Do you have a sports equipment shop, work in the field of occupational safety or sell sunglasses? Hydrotac lenses are the most innovative solution you can offer your presbyopic customers.

Made of soft plastic, our adhesive near vision lenses are flexible and can be easily attached to any spectacles or mask.

They are inexpensive, leave no traces and can be used again and again. They can be applied in one step, then removed with a drop of water.

Hydrotac lenses can graduate any diving, skiing or motocross goggle. They complement the polarised spectacles used by most fishermen and allow those who have to use safety glasses for work to see up close. They can turn any sunglass into an effective visual support for those suffering from presbyopia.

By offering our lenses together with the products in your catalogue, you will be able to meet the needs of many of your customers in the best possible way and win their loyalty by providing them with a concrete and innovative solution to their real problem.

All our dealers have access to reserved discounts, receive our dedicated sales support, including the official Hydrotac display, and have a privileged channel for any technical and commercial product support requests.