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Dosca Srl

OPTX EUROPE - The only one authorized distributor of Hydrotac in Europe

Hydrotac: advanced technology for a simple solution

A revolutionary product

Our Hydrotac graduated additional lenses for presbyopia are a revolutionary product!

They can be applied to all of your glasses with a drop of water and let you read close-up everywhere. You can continue to put your sunglasses on and read or see details up close without using of a second pair of glasses.

Practical lenses

Made in soft plastic, the Hydrotac additional stick-on lenses for seeing close-up are made of pliable transparent material and are easily applied to any eyewear.


With Hydrotac you can inexpensively solve one of the most common vision problems after your forties.

Removable end reusable lenses

They don't leave a mark on your glasses and you can use them over and over. Apply them and remove them with just a drop of water whenever you want.


Hydrotac stick-on lenses are a high-tech product, made of soft material and have high optical quality. They adhere to the lens by molecular adhesion. Material developed and produced by Bayer Material Science. Made in the USA.

Optx Europe is the exclusive Hydrotac distributor for Europe.



Many solutions in just one product

The Hydrotac lenses perfectly fit all eyeglasses. With Hydrotac you solve the problem of presbyopia in an economic and functional way.

They can be used for various activities. They are ideal for underwater diving, sport fishing, cycling and all those activities where you need to see well close-up.

The lens width is 30 mm, but if they are too big for the glasses concerned you can trim them with scissors.

The Hydrotac lenses solve presbyopia from the less severe levels to the more accentuated ones, being available in 6 gradations (diopters), from +1.25 to +3.00.


Hydrotac: the best graduated stick-on lenses for your glasses for presbyopia!

Do you have vision problems close-up? Have you become farsighted?

Never fear. As of today you don't have to take two pairs of glasses with you and give up your favourite sport! Try Hydrotac!

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